What occurs/happens when two or more timelines cross?

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They "MERGE," with the superior timeline, no matter how many there may be, having priority over the inferior timeline(s). It is the same with Trusts. If one wishes to extinguish a Trust. Say, for example, an IMPLIED TRUST. That can be accomplished by the Expression of a New and Better Trust, which of course would automatically be deemed to be the superior Trust. For that which is IMPLIED, operates under presumption; whereas, an Expression is indeed a proclamation of one's Will which, shall we say, can be trusted. Essentially, the two or more Trusts effectively become one new and better Trust. [Maxim of Law, "That which is EXPRESSED will always Extinguish that which is IMPLIED." (Emphasis added]


Definitely an ah-ha moment by connecting with the mechanics of a trust, and maxim of law; well done!

Lemme ask a follow-up question: Would one expect to encounter people who are reminders of others whom one has come into contact during previous timelines? Example: one crosses paths with someone who reminds them of a loved one, long-lost friend, etc.


I would not expect it but, it is a possibility as I look at each individual as a unique soul with their own distinct personality, talents, experiences and perspectives.

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