twenty twenty; an apocalypse angel of god; conspiracy theory; rapture of the church; maximum security; this is a test of faith; super bowl winner; the chose one has awoken; the large hadron collider; who is the word of god; stronger together; this is the key; holy one of israel; you are here; eye in the triangle; nothing will save them now; don't regret the life he chose for you he saw gold that needed refining ... phoenix bird rising from the ashes; world's greatest love story ...

THE MOOCH: "Fattest President since William Howard Taft": my fellow americans the storm is upon us ... psalms 119:131; we sing the song of moses and the song of the lamb; the last president;

calhoun = usdot / 444: interstellar; oz; out of time; notre dame; tuesday; mandella effect;

father mother son; first step; yehoshua; isaac kappy; key of david; dragonfly; slavery;

nine; five; tau; rain; female; chakra; gun; big bang; lamp; rio; maria; fish; dawn; japan;

let my people go; the lion and the unicorn; different by design; the periodic table of elements; camp david;

books; teacher; farmer; red heifer; plasma; hidden meaning; rule x; psalms; baptism; moving; the rock; new balance; answer; rebirth;

i will fulfill my destiny; the false jews are terrified of him; heaven is preparing for war; the divine will of the creator; put everything in proper order; seven world trade center; so what to do when you know; native american spirituality;

trump's crystal ball; holy spirit on earth; twenty one pilots; ray born;

[House Homeland Security Committee]: owns you; twelve; the creator of the universe; foundation and powers; his royal highness of heaven; the light of the gospel of the glory of christ; he whom will become the chief of the heavens; the one sitting on the right hand of god;

"editing error", "newspaper of record", "this message was identified as spam": [lol];

my great army which i sent among you;

spiritual targeted individual; they hear him but do not listen; son of the republic look and learn; tomorrow is going to be great; vortex math; wedding day; the planet venus; holy spirit lord of hosts; i dissolve all doubt; fort worth;

[feel the Bern...]: and just then the rooster crowed a second time then peter remembered the word jesus had spoken to him before the rooster crows twice you will deny me three times and he broke down and wept;

sweetheart you are ready; divine inheritance; the manifestation of truth;